We’re looking for ghosts in the Carolinas – and we need YOUR help!

No, not that kind of ghost! We’re hunting for ghost fireflies.

You may have heard of the Blue Ghost, an iconic firefly of the North Carolina mountains. These fireflies typically fly in forested areas low to the ground with their dull light organ lit for long periods as they fly. Their light looks blue from a distance and leave faint, solid traces of light in photographs. Little is known about these fireflies compared to their more famous firefly relatives.

In the last few years, reports have trickled in of ghost fireflies in the North Carolina Piedmont, outside of the expected range of the Blue Ghost. These appearances of these Piedmont Ghosts leave us with many questions. Are these Blue Ghosts? If not Blue Ghosts, are they a different described species? Are they new to science? Are they multiple species? When are these fireflies active? What is their range? What sorts of behaviors do they exhibit?

These are questions we want to answer, and we need YOUR help to do it! We want you to report ghost fireflies wherever you see them. We want to discover more about the range, behaviors, and annual life cycle of these amazing animals from your descriptions of what the ghosts that you see.

Get started by reading more about the ghost fireflies, or skip to our observation page to make a report